KONTAKTIRAJ NAS: +90 850 241 06 83
KONTAKTIRAJ NAS: +90 850 241 06 83
Who are we?



In 2008, we started our production journey by saying “We are there, too!”. In both Turkey and worldwide, we have managed to rewrite the history of generators in a short time.

One of our most important goals in this journey was to represent our country and at the same time to support the national economy through foreign exchange inflows.

As DAS Power Generator, we have implemented the policy of meeting to our country’s needs in the shortest time and in the most efficient way with our 4000 m² closed area and our experienced team of 45 people.

We gained the trust of our employees, customers, and solution partners besides achieved success in a short time with excellent cooperation. We carry out projects not only as services but also as social responsibility in order to provide generator solutions to more areas in sudden situations.


Our goal is to spread the use of generators in order to continue life with the motto “Human First, Living First” and to inform people as much as possible at this stage.

We are always working to serve the most distant areas, grow continously and to ensure that life can continue all the time. “Generator can save lives!”. We are aware of this fact and are working to spread it.

The growth momentum and domestic production principle of our company which continues its activities by 35kVA to 1000 kVA diesel generator production, sales, service, and spare part services shedding light on our way.